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About Fateh Global



School infrastructure is referred to the school buildings, playgrounds, civic amenities, libraries, laboratories, facilities and so on and Fateh Global having all the facilities.

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Fateh Global is committed to inculcating competitive spirit and deep instinct to excel in academics and activities among its students.

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We also have transportation facilty for students as well as staff.

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Professional Teacher

We have Professional and well qualified faculty.

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Smart Education

All the class rooms are equipped with e-learning gadgets. Extramarks is installed in the system to make the teaching – learning process easier.

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Along with Education we also encourage every student for sports.

Our Labs

Biology Lab

The Biology Lab is full of required specimens, apparatus, charts, chemicals for students to understand the life science closely.

Physics Lab

The school has a dedicated Physics Lab with the latest equipment for the students to perform the experiments and acquire hands on experience.

Chemistry Lab

The Chemistry Lab is well equipped with all the modern apparatus and required chemicals for students to complete their projects under the supervision of teachers and lab assistants. Extra emphasis is given on safety measures for making learning a hassle free process.

Computer Lab

The school houses a fully equipped Computer lab- for junior and senior wing where the complete strength of the classes can be catered at one go. The students have guided access to the systems and are encouraged to exploit the system resources and in this, highly experienced and talented computer teachers and a lab assistant support them.

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